360° Marketing

Leading strategic marketing and communication consultation focusing on digital marketing for the market division (which consists of the marketing department and corporate communications) of one of the largest German health insurance companies. In addition, key account management and project management as well as leadership of internal and external campaigns and communication activities to develop new target groups and win new customers.
Expansion of the marketing mix through new media offerings. In particular, by creating regular editorial plans for social media channels, creating podcast offerings, further developing existing apps and redesigning digital applications, and designing creative marketing content for the young target group. In addition, the conception of performance campaigns and new campaign mechanisms for complex marketing content with significant legal marketing restrictions (health insurance benefits and offers).

My responsibilites

  • Budget management and customer responsibility
  • Management, control and production of marketing campaigns
  • Strategic marketing consulting
  • Digital campaign conception incl. social media
  • Holistic campaign conception for the market division
  • Marketing consulting in production and media


  • #Durchstarter
  • internal employee campaign
  • #Laufliebe
  • FitNetzStudio
  • Year-end campaigns 2018 and 2019
  • Lucky Lunch
2Websites und Apps
  • AOK-Firmenvorteile.de
  • vigo.de
  • FitWerker-App
  • meine.aok.de
3PR & Communications
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • gib 8 | The mindfulness podcast
  • Morphium und Ingwer | The health podcast


Digitas Pixelpark, Düsseldorf

Time Period